As part of a UX immersive project at General Assembly, I had an opportunity to collaborate with two other teammates to explore a problem for an existing brand. The problem we found was that golfers seek affordable self coaching tools to improve their golf swing. With the advent of the Apple Watch, and its built in motion sensors, our team saw an opportunity to develop an app that could turn the Apple Watch into a digital coach to monitor and send feedback to golfers to improve their swing. We ultimately developed this project as a concept for Nike considering they are a leader in consumer sport and wearable tech.

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*Please Click Apple Watch to Play Prototype Video

Time & Duration: Summer 2015. Two weeks

Team Member: Robert Peterson, Peter Lew, Yumeng ji

Tools: Sketch 3 / Keynote / InVision / Pencil & Paper

My Responsibilities: User Research, Idea Conceptualization, Competitive analysis, User Flow Optimization, UI Design, Usability Testing, Final Deliverables Synthesis.



Case Study