This is my final project with a real life client at General Assembly. I worked with two classmates and developed a Live Ask Me Anything(AMA) platform for Vocativ. 

Vocativ is a media and technology venture that explores the deep web to discover original stories. AMA (ask me anything) is a Q&A platform they want to build to connect Vocativ readers with experts and personalities on topics they care about. Our team’s goal for this project is to create a real-time experience with more potential for interplay between users and staff, from surfacing more voices, to delivering questions and comments in real-time, to making use of multimedia, to ongoing discussion through social channels. 


Create New Experiences to Solve Common Problem

Vocativ Demonstration.002.jpeg

PLATFORM: Vocativ Ask Me Anything(AMA) Mobile. 

Author: Peter Lew, Yumeng Ji, Meagan Cheung

Problem: The “tree” mode is the most common approach for a Q&A design. When there is too many replies under one question, the reading become tedious and confused. 

Solution: We created a new approach to organize and manage questions, answers and comments. Here you can see how the new approach compares with how others have implemented Q&As. The new approach breakdown these super long threads into scannable sections. The core idea for our new design was to organize questions and answers into one Q&A module. 

Limitation: The tradeoff for the new approach is that it becomes harder to follow the trail of multiple subcomments, but this is partially solved with username tags that indicate who is responding to who.

Use a Familiar Approach to Solve an Unfamiliar Problem

PLATFORM: Vocativ AMA backend management is a inner platform for editors to manage questions, answers and comments. 

Author: Yumeng ji

Problem: This is not a common platform for everyone’s daily use. Thus, it's very hard to generalize a familiar approach from other competitive products. How to create most intuitive design for users becomes a problem. Meanwhile, the design for the backend must be highly customized by Vocativ’s running system and message management methods. 

Solution: To solve an unfamiliar problem like this, I conducted comparative research and analysis on some products that also deal with information management, such as Gmail, to find human's habits in processing information and figure out the most intuitive way to manage messages. The final design borrows many useful concepts from Gmail. That allows user feel natural and intuitive to use a brand new product.